• Development of business models

When you have an idea for a project, company or business, it is important to formalize it with a modelling document. It’s a kind of summary business plan that includes:

  • A market analysis (targets and product/service specification)
  • A summary technical study (production or service processes, summary technical needs, etc.)
  • A summary financial study (prices, possible costs, invoicing processes, margins and possible profits)


  • Business creation

We help you compile your files and follow the preparing procedures

  • Legal documents of the company (regulations, registration of the company)
  • Tax documents of the company (Taxpayer card, Non-indebtedness certificate, location certificate etc.)
  • Any other document necessary for the functioning of your company (NSIF, Approval/authorization/licence according to the activity)


  • Setting up the commercial personality of the company

Once the company has been created with legal and fiscal personality, it must be given a commercial personality to operate effectively. It is a matter of designing:

  • The company’s logo and graphic charter
  • The business card template
  • The letterhead
  • The company stamp
  • Service offers, if any


  • Capacity building in business management (training, support and provision of tools)

Business management has several functions for which the entrepreneur must master basic notions for optimal management of his company. These are:

  • The production function (management of production processes, management of production means, product/service innovation)
  • The sales function (Communication, marketing, sales)
  • The administrative and financial function (Finance, banking, accounting, taxation, legal issues, HR management, administrative writing, etc.)


  • Incubation Service

The incubation service is aimed at providing start-ups with a set of sub-services that enables companies to share their operating expenses when they are created. These sub-services provided on a card basis according to the specific needs of each company in the incubator are:

  • Provision of workspace
  • High-speed internet connection
  • Digital communication platform
  • Marketing support
  • Capacity building in business management, leadership and business strategy (training and mentoring)


  • Setting up / Drafting business plans
  • Search for funding